Frequently asked Questions


What is the best time of year to fly in South Africa?

The winter months, April through to August provide excellent flying weather, however there is always a chance that adverse weather can affect flying activities at any time.


Is this tour suitable for beginners, or do we need some experience?

The activities are not suited for children, or persons under the age of 16 years. No previous flying experience is needed; however, motion sickness can be a problem if you are prone to this. If you are susceptible to motion sickness it would be better not to partake in the air adventures such as conventional flying, Microlight Flying and Gliding.


Does the tour include all transport, or would I need to hire a car?

All transport is provided for the 7, 5, and 3 day tours, the day tour package is self-drive.


Is there a special rate for people who don't need accommodation?

We offer a day tour package spread over 5 days which includes all the flying adventures. The day tour package is self-drive, and accommodation is also not included. However, accommodation can be provided should you so wish.


How safe is it?

Flying is inheritably dangerous, and as such all safety protocols are observed. Your safety is of prime concern. No flying activities will be undertaken in adverse weather. All aircraft used in the adventures are serviced regularly in terms of Governmental Aviation regulations.


I am a vegan. Will my dietary needs be met?

Your B&B is proudly South African run and owned, as such we in South Africa KNOW how to care for our visitors. Your dietary requirements will be fully met; we have 10 years’ experience in managing all types of dietary needs.


What is the standard of my accommodation?

Lincoln Cottages offers superior, the equivalent of 4-star standard accommodation, with air-conditioned rooms. All meals are prepared by our experienced staff.


I am interested in learning to fly, what should I do?

Please speak to the Lincoln Aviator tour operator management who will assist you with your future flying training needs.